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Women Empowerment & Women in Tech

Why is it important for women to acknowledge the special status they deserve in society? What difference can our actions make to the position of women now and for the future? Her story about how it is to be a working woman in a mostly male-dominated career field world-wide and specifically in Saudi Arabia. The challenges, the facts and the reality and how they can either make you or break you.

Social Activism & Women’s Rights

The methods of activism will continue to evolve along with developments in culture and technology. Leveraging social media to practice social activism for Social reform in correlation to women. What is the context in Saudi and other countries in the region? Are women here still denied their basic rights to education and freedom, and face violence and abuse? What is being done about it and where does religion stand?



Manal al-Sharif - منال الشريف - The Drive for Freedom

“The struggle is not about driving a car, the struggle is about being in the driver’s seat of our own destiny”

As women, we were raised to listen, follow, and never ask why. If you don’t follow the rules, we were taught that we would burn in hell fire in our grave and in the afterlife. Many nights I spent in tears, trying to do all I could to please God, to follow the rules. I thought it would have been much easier to just die, because living with these rules was simply impossible.